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Attitude is Everything
Attitude is Everything
The Story of An Extraordinary Life
by Nick Vujicic
Publisher Allen & Unwin Book Publishers
Published on: 03 January 2014
Categories Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 9781741361414
Our Price: AU$ 79.95

About the Book
Millions of people around the world recognise the smiling face and inspirational message of Nick Vujicic. Although he was born without arms or legs, Nick’s challenges have not kept him from enjoying great adventures, a fulfilling and meaningful career, and loving relationships. Nick has overcome trials and hardships by focusing on the promise that he was created for a unique and specific purpose, that his life has value and that, no matter the despair and hard times in life, God is always present. Nick credits his success in life to the power that is unleashed when faith takes action. Attitude is Everything is the complete story of gutsy Nick Vujicic, an amazing 31 - year - old Aussie who is now an internationally successful inspirational speaker and author. Including all three of Nick’s bestselling books - Life Without Limits, Unstoppable and Limitless - Attitude is Everything is packed full of wisdom, testimonials of his faith and laugh - out - loud humour.
About the Author
Nick Vujicic is a motivational speaker, evangelist and the director of the non-profit organisation Life Without Limbs. Nick has become a great inspiration to people around the world, regularly speaking to large crowds about overcoming obstacles and achieving dreams. A longtime resident of Australia, he now lives in southern California with his wife, Kanae.