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Amber Road
Amber Road
by Boyd Anderson
Publisher Penguin Random House Australia
Published on: 01 February 2013
Categories Fiction
ISBN: 9781741360806
Our Price: AU$ 89.95

About the Book
With intrigue, romance and suspense to rival Gone With the Wind, Amber Road tells an epic story of one woman's indomitable spirit against the backdrop of World War Two. As an empire is swept away, a young woman's world is ripped apart... It's 1941 and seventeen - year - old Victoria Khoo lives in luxury in colonial Singapore. Her carefree days are spent fantasising about marrying Sebastian Boustead, scion of a great British merchant family, and becoming mistress of his imposing mansion on Amber Road. Not even Sebastian's arrival from London with his new fianc e, Elizabeth Nightingale, can dampen her dreams... Then the war reaches Asia and 'Fortress Singapore' abruptly surrenders to the Japanese. As the inhabitants are deserted by Britain, Victoria is forced to protect both her family and her rival, Elizabeth, from the cruelty of the occupation. Victoria's old life has vanished in a heartbeat - but nothing will stand in the way of her destiny. Not the war. Not Elizabeth. And certainly not Joe Spencer, the charismatic Australian who both charms and infuriates her at every turn...